May 23 2011

Our Intelligent Design Wants You to Follow Your Heart




This is not about creationism, or how we got here, but intelligent design.  When using this term, I’m referring to the vast, infinite, undeniable divine intelligence which exists on Earth, and within our human forms.  A little communion with nature, or even a documentary makes the abundance of this intelligence crystal clear.


Gaia by Alex Grey

Gaia by the incredible Alex Grey

Nature operates in absolute perfect order.  Every piece of the puzzle knows exactly what is needed to survive.  Millions of species, surviving off of each other.  Trees know how to grow.  Equipped with an amazingly complex roots system, that absorb & store water & nutrients.  Flowers bloom naturally, with no effort whatsoever.  Embedded with the intelligent design needed to bloom from only water & sunlight.  Fully blossoming into their highest intended form, incredibly magnificent & beautiful.



One of my favorite quotes by the Buddha: “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”.  The incredible variety, and endless beauty they provide us inspires awe.  Their blossoming happens effortlessly, every time.  There is so much beauty, and intelligence around us, if we just pause and take a look.    Bees pollinate flowers to keep them surviving.  With brains the size of a pinhead, they intuitively perform this job.   I could point to 1,000 examples to prove this point about nature.  Need I continue?

Let’s contemplate our human brains, and body.  The circuitry, incredible design & functions of the human body, mind & nervous systems.  The brain is estimated to have over 100 billion neurons.  Hearts beat effortlessly, lungs processing the oxygen you need.  Organs functioning exactly as intended, sustaining life.  Wounds healing quickly & naturally with no effort on our part.

Alex Grey Chakra Painting

Alex Grey Chakra Painting

We naturally trust this intelligent design that sustains our life.  Going to sleep at night, knowing that our divinely designed human bodies will continue to function, and we will wake up the next day.  How much time is spent considering this, showing gratitude for the miracle of our existence?  Not only is it taken for granted, but we even curse it at times when life doesn’t go “our way”!

Allow me to ask this?  When contemplating these miracles, and the pure intelligence woven into every cell & every atom in the universe, how could one ever possibly doubt that any given experience that’s happening, isn’t happening based on this intelligent design?  In other words, why do we not trust that the universe is providing us exactly whats needed, in all moments, so that we may grow & blossom to our fullest, highest, self expression of humanity, which we could describe as LOVE, pure spirit, or perhaps transcendent consciousness.

Universal Intention wants this for flowers, and provides what’s needed: they blossom. The trees grow magnificently upwards, and birds sing their beautiful songs.  Why would god not want this for us humans?  Being the most complex & highly evolved form of intelligence on Earth, why would the universe not want us all to experience our highest self expression, purpose, and highest potential?

The Heart takes a Backseat to the Mind

The only thing separating us from the rest of existence, and the perfect operating order of nature, is our human minds.  The mind wants to control every outcome, and re-shape reality to fit into it’s will.  The immense power of our minds actually works against us, by questioning, dividing, and attempting to formulate it’s desired outcome.

When anything happens that goes against the mind’s desires, there is turmoil, resistence, dis-ease.  Society, and the current state of humanity shapes us to pursue the desires of the mind: money, fame, possessions, security, career, power, control, domination, achievement, success.  We sacrifice our spirituality in pursuit of these illusory keys to happiness, because it’s all we know, and it’s what we’ve been conditioned into.

When stressed about being 5 mins late somewhere, when fretting over a stain on our carpet, a rainy day ruining our perfect plans, somebody else’s crappy attitude, or hell bent on revenge, where is this turmoil coming from?

From the mind of course.  We’re literally prisoners of our own minds.  Although, it’s not something that can magically happen overnight, a simple path towards more happiness and fulfillment is to make a conscious effort to operate more from the heart. When practiced, you’ll begin to recognize the layers of conditioning in the mind; how we automatically attach to negative thoughts about a situation, or about others, that brings pain & suffering upon ourselves.

The heart on the other hand, emanates love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. By connecting with the heart, you attune to these qualities. More often than not, for the vast majority, and for some of us, always; the mind overshadows the heart, dominating our actions & reactions. But when you slow down, and really take time to feel from the heart, and see a situation from the heart’s perspective, you begin to notice the polarities between the mind’s desires, and the heart’s desires. The more you become aware, the easier & more natural the choice becomes to listen to your heart.

Follow Your Heart, Let Love Lead the Way

The heart doesn’t worry about these trivial matters.  Your heart only feels pain & is broken when it realizes it’s not discovering itself, or we’re not living from the heart.  Feeling sad or “heartbroken” is our heart calling to us, to follow your heart.  It’s our innate human nature & desire to connect with the ultimate, that resides within each and every one us, that tugs at the heart.

The heart knows but one thing, which is LOVE, and that is all the heart desires.  Why is it that every human being in existence shares this craving?  Why are we all looking for love?  It’s human nature.  Everybody wants to love, and be loved.  Simple.   Because your heart is the vessel, which communicates with our divine source.  It’s our intelligent design: the universe’s intention.  Through love, and through the heart, we can truly get to know ourselves, and to know “god”, our divinity, in it’s purest form.

We simply can’t achieve this with the mind.  None of the desires of the mind are natural.  Precisely why we are all so unhappy, because we are chasing desires of the mind, and it goes against our nature.   Our hearts desire to love other human beings in order to experience god, and divinity through them.  That’s why our spirits attract to one another.  We were given the gift of love, and the opportunity to experience it, so that we can begin to experience what was intended for us. This is the very reason why love exists, and why every single human being on this planet has an intense innate desire to experience it. When you unravel all of the layers, the conditioning, and the perceptions, at the core of everything is Love. It’s what we are.

Love is pure, and love wants to experience itself.  Love is what created us.   Love truly is the answer, and love is the way to understanding the miracle of our existence.   Even when two spirits, or hearts are attracted to each other, the mind typically finds a way to tear it apart. Only those who are truly connected through the heart can survive the mind’s assault.   This is because they are connected in spirit, the purest connection available to us as humans.

Follow Your Heart

Listen to your heart, to your spirit.  Follow your heart.   Allow this part of you that was intended, and designed to reach it’s highest expression of itself, to blossom.

If you can learn to trust this intelligence that allowed us humans to evolve into the magnificent beings that we are; if you’re able to tap into, become one with it, allow it to flow into, and through you, then you will have the opportunity to blossom into the most beautiful, joyous, transparent, highest expression of the human spirit.

Remember, the universe wants your spirit to blossom, and to grow, providing exactly what you need, always, in every moment to move towards this, whether we see it or not.  The next time something doesn’t go your way, remember this.   Didn’t get the job promotion?  Your love interest isn’t acting according to your hopes & expectations?  There is an incredibly vast divine intelligence at work at all times, and when people say that everything happens for a reason, it’s this intelligent design that’s being referred to.  I’m not speaking of blind faith, but rather of experiencing and living it.   God wants us to know what we truly are.   When one begins to follow your heart, live in gratitude, and look for the blessings in disguise in all things, the blessings become more apparent, and frequent.  The disguise itself melts away.

But the mind, due to millenia of conditioning, shaped by greed, power, brutality, division, and competition, has other plans. The mind wants to fight & resist what’s occuring naturally around us, and this is where our pain comes from.    Not only do we experience physical & emotional pain in both the mind and the body, but we create more boundaries, and obstacles by blocking the natural flow that was intended for us.  Put simply: GO with the FLOW

Live from the heart, and allow life to flow, and you will truly experience life, as intended, by our divine intelligence.

Burke “Buddha” Coleman



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  1. Grey

    Good stuff. I think you communicated your point well.

  2. Sam

    Great info Burke….and very nicely communicated. Your message is put in layman’s terms… making it easy for everyone to follow. Big thumbs up!! I’m sharing the link…… :)

    1. Buddha

      grateful.. thanks :)

  3. bbq fire pit

    Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too magnificent. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can’t wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great website.

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