Jun 16 2011

Creation vs. Evolution: And the Winner Is?




The winner is all of us: the human species.  Every piece of our universe, particularly us human beings, is a creation, evolution, expression, and manifestation of the divine.  In my humble estimation, as well as wisdom of the sages passed down through millenia, each and every one of us is an extension of the divine. As there is no way to possibly be separate from that which gave us life.  The entire universe is an infinite chain, a web, of connectedness, and we’re all a part of this web.  Whenever it was, however it was, whatever it was that put us here, and allowed life to come into existence on this amazing planet, provided us with the gift of consciousness.  We are indeed connected to, and a part of this magnificent force.  Connected to this divine source, and connected to each other. Fruits, blossoming from the same divine tree.

Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. Evolution

If you’re looking for a theological debate, you’ve come to the wrong place.  My intention rather, is to bridge that gap, and help us all realize our inherent divinity, and purpose through inspirational words.  Debating over how or why we’re here is a distraction of the mind, which truthfully moves us further away from actually realizing these answers through our own experiences.

Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  The very first line of our world’s most widely read & accepted holy book shows us that creation is a divine act of god.  Pausing for just a moment to contemplate the beauty, complexity, and intelligence on the planet, and within our own bodies, shows us that evolution is a divine act of god.

Considering that we are all divine beings, it’s quite natural for us to create, and to evolve ourselves.  It’s human nature, our intelligent design.  If one was never to find a true meaning, or a true purpose in this life, one could rest a little easier knowing that through our own creations, and evolutions, we are at least carrying out divine will on some level.


The simplest, and best example are children.  Always the best source to look to when contemplating our divinity.  So full of joy, and creativity.  It flows so naturally from children, as they are in a more connected, and pure state of being, more aligned with our true nature.  Unfettered from the restraints that are put upon us, and that we later put upon ourselves.

Creation is also abundant in our adult lives in so many forms: through art, music, media, entertainment.  Why is it that we marvel at such amazingly creative souls who bring us beautiful art, music, cinematography?  We can all appreciate these things, right?  Because again, this is our nature, our divine nature.  We see this all around, see others performing miracles of creation, and we are in awe.  Why are we so naturally drawn to this?  Because on a sub-conscious level we know where it is coming from, and we all long for & desire to align with, and tap into this creative, divine energy.


The easiest example here is to simply look at nature, and the animal kingdom.  Not much needs to be said about our incredible innate ability as a planet, and as a species to continually evolve.  Animals who have adapted in miraculous ways, camoflagued, armed with natural defense systems.  Gills for marine life to breathe underwater, lungs for humans to process oxygen, etc.

This of course, can also be seen very clearly in children.  Our inclination, and human nature from birth is to explore, learn, grow, be in amazement, and wonderment with all around us.  Yet this divine aspect is victim to the same restrictions, and confinements as creativity.  Somewhere along the way, for the vast majority of us, this too becomes stifled.

Just as with creation, there is an abundance of evolution in our adult lives as well.  Our desire to become smarter, stronger, faster, better.  Olympians are continually pushing the bar, breaking record after record.  Technology, science, medicine, continually pushing forward, and evolving.  We can’t all be olympians, or scientists, but we are embedded with this natural divine desire.  A crucial aspect to our intelligent design.  We go to college, to the gym, practice our crafts, pay to see motivational speakers, because on a sub-conscious level we’re all looking to carry out that which naturally is intended to occur within us.

Finding Purpose: What does this mean for us?



So much that we do can be considered an act of creation, or evolution.  Because we’re not breaking records, or amazing huge audiences, doesn’t mean that we aren’t all divine, and capable of these divine acts.  What robs us of the joy, and meaningfulness behind that which we do create, and the evolutions that we carry out, is the fact that our minds are programmed to compare us to everyone else.  In a word: competition.  We believe we’re simply not good enough because we’re not creating as much, or evolving as much as the next person.  Conditioned to strive to be better than others, and when we feel that we’re not measuring up, we enter a slippery slope.  A nightmarish world of self-doubt, self-loathing, and just not feeling good enough.  We’re robbed of the joy which comes with these simple acts of just being, and doing what comes natural to us.

As the brilliant spiritual guru Adyashanti pointed out in a talk, something which profoundly effected me, and I’m paraphrasing: “Does an oak tree look to the tree next to it, and sabotage itself by thinking, ‘gee, that tree produced more oaks than I did this year’, or does a rose look to the rose next to it, and say, ‘wow, that rose blossomed sooner than me, and is a little bigger, i must be worthless’?”.  No, not at all, they simply exist, and carry out the beautifully divine blueprint of being an oak tree, and a rose.

You can create a smile, or a good feeling for another person.  You can create a happy memory, a fun time with friends.  You can create a feeling of security, and warmth by being there for another.  You can create trust among friends, and family through your actions.  Peace of mind for yourself, or others. Virtually everything that we do, is in some form, an act of creation.   In the simplest ways, we’re always creating.  If we can see these simple acts of creation for what they are, and realize that we are carrying out our divine blueprint in doing so, we can begin to open ourselves up to the bigger & more profound creations that we’re all truly capable of.

You can evolve by looking in the mirror, and practicing self love, thinking loving thoughts about yourself.  You can evolve by practicing more mindfulness, being a bit more aware of your words, and your actions, and how they effect others.  You can evolve by choosing a new, better way to handle a situation, that is more in accordance with love and harmony.  You can evolve by slowing down, and breathing, and appreciating the fact that you’re alive in that very moment, when stressed or challenged.  You can evolve by showing a bit more gratitude, and apprecation for the simple beauties in this life.  You can choose to go with the flow of life, instead of resisting & creating more turmoil.  Through these subtle and simple acts of evolution, much like our simple acts of creating, we can open ourselves up to more profound types of evolutions of concsciousness, and spirit.

In other words, by recognizing our inherent divinity, and how these simple acts of creation & evolution align with our divine purpose, we’re able to move closer to a personal experience of, and union with our divinity.  Once open to this reality, our spirituality takes hold.  The connection will naturally deepen, and as a result, the creations and evolutions become proportionately more profound.  If you’ve read this far, I invite you to make a conscious effort to tap into these inherently divine aspects of our human nature.  Become more aware of the subtle creations & evolutions.  Start simple, with gratitude or kind words, for example.  Realize that these aspects are a key component to our divine purpose, and begin focusing on what we truly are, instead of what we aren’t.  Eventually, you may find yourself amazed at what you’re able to create and evolve into.

Burke “Buddha” Coleman



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  1. Chad

    Good words. Well put!

    1. Buddha

      Thanks Chad – glad you liked it :D

  2. Jack O'Ryan

    Hey Buddha,

    Wow, man, you did a GREAT job on this one…

    1. Buddha

      Thanks brother!! I was really excited about the concept when it came to me, and happy with the final result. I’m happy that it resonated with you as well.

  3. Sam Lopez

    Beautiful Burke! Your title sucks us in….wondering which side you will lean to. Then you beautifully meander down the middle, wrapping your arms around everyone, pulling us all in for a group hug!

    Big thumbs up!!


    1. Buddha

      Thx Sam!! I always appreciate your feedback :D. You nailed it. That was the intention: the provocative title, and to basically toss the debate aside & look at it from an entirely different perspective.

  4. tom lane

    Nice way to walk between that age old debate that gets tiresome to many. I can only add that we do not move closer to the union with the divine, since we are already one with that, what we move closer to, is that complete realization. Well done.

    1. Buddha

      Tom.. appreciate your input. I agree with your statement as well. We certainly are already one. Well put. Another way to state it would be that the divine becomes more present within us. Namaste.

  5. JessicaConway

    i am definitely a hugeee fan! :D

    1. Buddha

      awww thanks sweetie, love ya! :)

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