Mar 25 2013

Big Beautiful Buddha Stands Up!

For several years, stand up comedy is something that I’ve contemplated.  I’ve always felt that I could do well at it, but have yet to find the courage to actually get up there and do it, or the inspiration to write a routine.  Although it’s been on my mind, and have been jotting down notes here & there, I’ve been waiting for the right time & right inspiration.

That time is here. The time is NOW!

I decided to give it a go at an Open Mic event in Long Beach, CA at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach Center.  The week leading up to the open mic I was still a little unsure as to whether I was going to do it.  However, the morning of, I hopped out of bed with an inspirational spark, only 4 hours of sleep, and began seamlessly writing material for the evening!  A total of about 6 pages of material.  Only a small portion of which I actually used in my act, as I tossed my notes aside during the very loosely structured routine, and went off the cuff for about 65% of the performance.

Much of the purpose behind my inspirational stories & words is to inspire others to follow their heart, follow their bliss, excitement, and to go with the natural flow of life.  I hope that this video serves as inspiration for others to do the same.  I have no idea how successful I’ll be with comedy, and I’m not concerned with it.  I do however, know that there are infinite possibilities.  I also believe that you’ll see that I have a “natural” knack for it.  Something that may not have been evident had I tried to force the process, and not wait for the natural flow.

There is also a clear intention & purpose behind my comedy, which is to spread messages of love, spirit, and beauty through this medium.  Our work comes so much easier & more natural when there is purpose behind it.

I’m quite pleased with the results of this performance.  There were many factors that made it greatly challenging for me, and I welcomed the challenge.  First of all, I didn’t really know anybody at the open mic, only a few recent acquaintances.  Comedians typically always have support with them when they perform.  The crowd wasn’t a comedy crowd per say, as the flyers focused on spoken word poetry open mic.  Additionally, the sets were meant to be about 5 minutes, and I was being rushed a bit, but managed to claim 17 minutes of the audience’s attention!

It’s equal parts comedy & story telling, as I was performing as much for my online audience as I was for the audience that was in front of me. You’ll get the most out of it if you watch more than once.  The audio was not good, so I had to spend considerable time meticulously sub-titling the video to make it watchable & enjoyable. Once you get the gist of what I’m saying, it’s more enjoyable to watch, as you get more of the full “poetry in motion” experience of the performance.

It starts off a little slow as I’m warming up to the crowd, and having some fun banter with the host “Shy but Flyy” – but it does pick steam as I get more into a flow, and finishes with a bang!

Finally a couple of notes regarding the “act”. I don’t really curse quite that often, somehow it just comes out more when performing comedy. I suppose as a way to connect to the crowd.  Lastly, although I surely do enjoy the beautiful herbal treats provided by mother nature, and I’m not shy about it, that aspect of the act was exaggerated.  I hope you are somehow inspired by, and enjoy the stand-up comedy debut of Big Beautiful Buddha, aka Triple B!



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  1. snooki and jwoww

    haha nice, real nice

  2. julisa

    I loved your open Mic!! It was honest and to the point while also being open about your true nature. I’m sad I wasn’t able to make it but let me know when and if another opportunity to see triple b in action comes about!!! Love you and shannon and your wonderful kids!!

    1. Buddha

      Thank you!!! It’s really nice to hear from someone who really “gets it” :) – there will definitely be more opportunities, and I’ll keep everyone informed! Thank you for the LOVE! right back atchya! :)

  3. Shaid

    Dear Triple B,

    Even though I was way curious about what you had written on these “6 pages” of material. Eventually I got past that and became intrigued with your FREE SPIRIT. I found your act inspiring as well as FUNNY.

    Thank you for sharing the TRUE YOU. Keep it up my friend. ;o)

    Peace, Love and Herbal Treats!

    1. Buddha

      Dear Shaid,

      Thank you so much for your inspiring & encouraging words!! I appreciate you taking the time to suffer through the terrible audio & being receptive to the message/routine :) You’re very welcome, and you’re very appreciated!!! Thanks again for SEE-ing me!

      As for the 6 pages I did include parts of it in the routine, and eventually as I expand more into the comedic arena you’ll hear the material in that notebook, and much more :)

      Namaste Friend,


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